Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Letter A Week 2

Video:  LeapFrog Letter Factory
Reading: Clifford's First Autumn, Air is all Around,
Activiites: Make Johnny Appleseed paper plate craft, make paper towel parachute to teach how air resists

Singing: Apples and Bananas song by Raffi

Reading: Red, Red, Red by Valeri Gorbachev, Little Boy Blue by L.Frank Baum
Video: Barney's Red, Yellow and Blue



Download the counting apples worksheet HERE

Download copy

Sing about counting Apples in Spanish

Find the letter A and use a dauber to dot the letter on the worksheet... you can download your copy of this here
Make a letter A book for lapbook

Color Upper and Lowercase worksheet

Make a letter A for alligator craft that I found over at 
Meet the Dubiens blog HERE
Field Trip Day to Apple Orchard to pick apples
You can check for apple orchards in your state and area here.  We recommend calling ahead and checking the “picking conditions”. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter A Week Curriculum

Letter A Week
Welcome to the first day of school week:

Subjects: Apples and Astronauts
Color: Red 
Shape: Star (choose this shape because if you cut an apple there is a star shape inside)
Numbers: 0-1
Anatomy: Ankle
Bible: Creation Genesis 1:1
Character trait: Attentiveness
Science: Day and night and Sun and Moon and Air is all around us
Month: September (is National manners month so we will be learning about manners)

Daily Morning routine:
Pledge of Allegiance
Songs: America the Beautiful
Alphabet song
Read and Sing to the book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Color Red Song ( I made this little song book that has the lyrics to the song...I used a paper piecing pattern for Little Scraps of Heaven "We are Precious Collection" HERE for the red bear and I used "In My Community Fireman" collection for the fire truck HERE
and lastly I used the single file "Bear holding balloons" file and replaced the balloons with a pencil HERE to listen to the sample of this song you can listen here:​%20-%20Red.mp3 ~

Days of the week/months of the year song
Calendar time: "Today is": Month, Day, Year
Weather: put up daily weather card.
Introduction to letter of week: sing letter "A" song

Apple lacing card (download Here) and then laminate punch holes with a hole puncher

Letter A card with color cubes (making pattern with cubes ontop of the letter card)
Reading: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, ABC by Dr. Suess, Apes find shapes, My "1"book, My "A" book
Movie: Johnny Apple Seed

We also watched this video on-line: 

Johnny Appleseed stand up craft
Activity: ABC playdoh with Cookie Monster set

Finish Apple Lapbook (download yours HERE) goes with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book

Reading: Who made the world, Ant Cities, Goodnight moon, If I were an Astronaut, Little Red Riding Hood

Worksheets: Magnet letter A card, Magnet letters card for "one" and "two" (download your copy HERE)

Video: Watch All Star Alphabet by Sesame Street, Rock n learn colors, shapes and counting
Activities: Letter A scavenger hunt (I took large magnetic letters and placed them around the are some examples:)

Read: Genesis 1:1 and Adam and Eve Story
Worksheets: Cutting practice sheet cutting square to fit in the apple

cutting diagonal lines from workbook, Letter A tracing sheet, Apple seed counting worksheet, apple pattern worksheet, draw the apples in the basket worksheet **download these worksheets HERE, tracing number 0-1 worksheet
sorting with tongs little ants to their ant hill

Stamping with paint with apples

Build the alpha box tower
Video: 123 Count with Me by Sesame Street, Blues Clues ABC's

Activities: Build a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree (we used a paper towel roll and glued brown construction paper around it for the trunk of the tree then cut some leaves out of green cardstock and I hot glued them inside the tube on the top. I then got a styrofoam square that I purchased under a 1.00 at Michael's craftstore and hot glued the tree to it. Ian then decorated the tree with foam letter stickers

Friday: Is our field trip day so we went to the Aquarium as it starts with the letter A. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Preparatory Curriculum- Alphabet Intro Week Day 2

My two doodlebugs had a very productive and fun
home school day yesterday. It was our first day to our
introduction to the alphabet. This week we are not
doing to much structure since this is "getting into the routine" of it. Yesterday they had so much fun on their letter scavenger hunt =D so today we will be adding more games. Here is our agenda:

Post Alpha Bits Whole Grain Cereal

Morning Calendar time/Pledge of Allegiance
America the Beautiful song
ABC Song by Dora

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
ABC Sing With Me! by Carol Cummings, PhD.(includes a cd to sing the song that's in the book)

Letter Factory Game
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Palm tree craft (I will post the details on here later today)
Chunky Alphabet Wood Puzzle

Morning Snack
Earth's Best Organic Sesame Street Letter of the Day cookies

ABC's with Elmo

Super Why ABC board Game

Alphabet Spaghettios 
Crackers with ABC cut out cheese

Here are my boys eating their Alphabet pasta for lunch. My friend Linda suggested a really cool tip for teaching my boys how to be clean when they eat =D put a little mirror in front of them and tell them to watch themselves eat and try not to get it all over their face. They had FUN with this idea and you WORKED ;D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preparatory Curriculum- Alphabet Intro Week

My boys are really getting anxious for school to begin. I have decided while I am still planning the first month's curriculum details and the year at a glance, I will begin with them tomorrow starting homeschooling with an introduction to the Alphabet. This will be the beginning for my little doodlebug Ian who is starting preschool. For my doodlebug Jayden, this will be his week of review.
Here is our Plan for our 1st Day Monday:

Calendar time and Alphabet song

  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault and watch the animated story on You Tube
  • Dr. Seuss's ABC
  • The Alphabet Book by P.D. Eastman
  • Curious George Learns the Alphabet by H.A.Rey
  • Alphabet Scavenger Indoor Hunt: I have these magnetic plastic letters that I plan to hide around the house. I will have a master list and each time a letter is found, I will check it off the master list. I will be hiding letter "C" by the couch, a letter "A" by an apple on the table and "D" by the door etc.

  • Alphabet Snacks

Breakfast: Alphabits Cereal
Morning Snack: Jell-O Jiggers shaped like Alphabet
Lunch: Crackers/cheese, Alphabet Soup
Afternoon snack: Animal Crackers
Blue's Clues ABC"s and 123's
Make an alphabet Turkey craft (I will post instruction on this tomorrow)
Make a mini-lap Chicka Chicka Boom Boom lap book