Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter A Week Curriculum

Letter A Week
Welcome to the first day of school week:

Subjects: Apples and Astronauts
Color: Red 
Shape: Star (choose this shape because if you cut an apple there is a star shape inside)
Numbers: 0-1
Anatomy: Ankle
Bible: Creation Genesis 1:1
Character trait: Attentiveness
Science: Day and night and Sun and Moon and Air is all around us
Month: September (is National manners month so we will be learning about manners)

Daily Morning routine:
Pledge of Allegiance
Songs: America the Beautiful
Alphabet song
Read and Sing to the book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Color Red Song ( I made this little song book that has the lyrics to the song...I used a paper piecing pattern for Little Scraps of Heaven "We are Precious Collection" HERE for the red bear and I used "In My Community Fireman" collection for the fire truck HERE
and lastly I used the single file "Bear holding balloons" file and replaced the balloons with a pencil HERE to listen to the sample of this song you can listen here:​%20-%20Red.mp3 ~

Days of the week/months of the year song
Calendar time: "Today is": Month, Day, Year
Weather: put up daily weather card.
Introduction to letter of week: sing letter "A" song

Apple lacing card (download Here) and then laminate punch holes with a hole puncher

Letter A card with color cubes (making pattern with cubes ontop of the letter card)
Reading: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, ABC by Dr. Suess, Apes find shapes, My "1"book, My "A" book
Movie: Johnny Apple Seed

We also watched this video on-line: 

Johnny Appleseed stand up craft
Activity: ABC playdoh with Cookie Monster set

Finish Apple Lapbook (download yours HERE) goes with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book

Reading: Who made the world, Ant Cities, Goodnight moon, If I were an Astronaut, Little Red Riding Hood

Worksheets: Magnet letter A card, Magnet letters card for "one" and "two" (download your copy HERE)

Video: Watch All Star Alphabet by Sesame Street, Rock n learn colors, shapes and counting
Activities: Letter A scavenger hunt (I took large magnetic letters and placed them around the are some examples:)

Read: Genesis 1:1 and Adam and Eve Story
Worksheets: Cutting practice sheet cutting square to fit in the apple

cutting diagonal lines from workbook, Letter A tracing sheet, Apple seed counting worksheet, apple pattern worksheet, draw the apples in the basket worksheet **download these worksheets HERE, tracing number 0-1 worksheet
sorting with tongs little ants to their ant hill

Stamping with paint with apples

Build the alpha box tower
Video: 123 Count with Me by Sesame Street, Blues Clues ABC's

Activities: Build a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree (we used a paper towel roll and glued brown construction paper around it for the trunk of the tree then cut some leaves out of green cardstock and I hot glued them inside the tube on the top. I then got a styrofoam square that I purchased under a 1.00 at Michael's craftstore and hot glued the tree to it. Ian then decorated the tree with foam letter stickers

Friday: Is our field trip day so we went to the Aquarium as it starts with the letter A.