Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Ready to Get Ready

Good Morning friends! I've been busy creating a reading nook area in our room for homeschool. I will be posting this afternoon with pictures. Have you seen the 53" huge bear at Costco? I got that for the reading nook area but since I have two boys of course they are fighting over it and each want one lol!!! Well for $29.00 each that's do able I guess but they better take these HUGE fluffies with them to their college dorms lol! =D So I have to go back to Costco today to get another one. 
I am almost done with a curriculum for the first month of school and I'm so excited to share my ideas with you. So until I get it all together for you, I have some assignments for you in the meantime =D ok here is what we need to do
1) Start collecting those TP rolls and paper towel rolls
2) Costco has an EXCELLENT price on glue sticks right now...I would pick up a package and also get a package of white paper plates.. preferably the ones with the ruffle edging
3) Start saving some cardboard egg cartons
4) if you get Folger's coffee in the red some of those too =D or ask some friends
5)Walmart has excellent prices on printer paper so I would pick that up there
6) Joann's craftstore has packs of white textured cardstock and I would pick up several can get a 40% coupon on-line and did you know that they will accept the Michael's craft store 40% coupon too?
7) Michael's has pipe cleaners in several will want to get one pack of each color
8) Michael's also has wiggly eyes in several sizes so I picked up a few packs of each size of these as well as little color pom poms
9) Michael's has on sale right now washable paint bottles so I picked up some in each color

So this is your assignment to get Ready to Get Ready =D I will be discussing what we will be doing with these and I will have more assignments coming for us and I am  creating a supplies list that I have created for everything I need this homeschool year that I will be sharing with you as well

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