Monday, August 8, 2011

Types of Homeschooling and Our Way

There are several ways to find homeschool support on the web. But first for newbies & the curious, what exactly is homeschooling?
Homeschooling means to educate your children at home rather then in public or private school. It exists in a myriad of ways:
Unschooling or child-led education is when you follow your children's natural interests & curiosities to educate them.
School at home is when you purchase the textbooks for all subjects & follow much the same ideology put in practice in traditional school.
Another approach that is gaining in popularity called the Classical Approach or Trivium. This approach goes back to the old ways of teaching, concentrating on the basics, classic languages such as Latin & Greek, & higher order thinking skills.
The Montessori Method is named after its founder, Maria Montessori. This method is very natural & uses a lot of manipulatives.
Unit studies are a way of integrating most, if not all subjects under a single topic of study. For example, if you were studying Ancient Greece, you would cover the history of ancient Greece, the science of the time period, practice writing skills through reports, short stories, etc. based on what you have learned, & you may practice reading by reading the mythology of the times.
Many people also use a mixture of the above or sign up with a satellite school which can perform different tasks or help you with different tasks for your homeschool, such as designing a curriculum, having the security of a teacher you can communicate with, writing transcripts, etc.

 Read more about homeschooling methods from an article written by April Morris.

My kids thrive on routines and structure so we will be doing school at home approach with text books/worksheets and also incorporating some Montessori Methods. I will also be teaching in a Christian atmosphere. We will be having Bible time but I won't be making them memorize scriptures. I will be incorporating the "un-schooling method" when it comes to teaching them the Bible. I plan not only to teach them Christian ways and Bible stories but I also plan to teach them "life philosophy" such as in Buddhist teachings. My goal is also to raise them with manners, good social skills and street smarts. What I mean about street smarts is how to protect themselves from bullies and how to be safe in the world around them. I will be doing a "letter, color, shape, verse and character trait to learn each week." I will be scheduling our daily curriculum around these subjects for the week. Our school week will be from Monday-Thursday. Fridays will be for field trips, outings with mommy and me groups or special projects.

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