Friday, August 12, 2011

Tot Trays Found a GREAT deal on them =D

I have done a lot of research on Home school's that use Tot trays as part of their teaching and I think they are a great idea! What are they used for? and why?
Each tray can be used for an activity to be done. An activity that requires concentration and following directions. Then when the activity is done, having a tray helps the child learn how to clean up the activity and put the tray back where it belongs. The activities should be routinely changed to new fresh ones and they should be engaging and fun! Tot trays should be worked with just during school time so they are not associated with "the rest of the toys." 
A wonderful blog on Tot trays and activities for them can be viewed at 1+1+1=1 Tot Tray blog HERE
On this blog she has posted ideas where to buy trays you can use as "tot trays" and mentions that Oriental trading company sells these:

but they are $21.00 that come with 6 trays. On-line at Discount School supplies also carries trays like these but are about the same price as Oriental Trading Company.
I went to Target yesterday and found these trays in their dollar section up in the front of the store. They were only 2.50 each =D WHOOHOO! Problem is...everyone wants them so I got the only 2 left. I will have to make it to another Target this weekend to pick up a few more =D Go go go..get yours lol!!

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