Friday, August 5, 2011

The Homeschool Area Layout Complete

This is our playroom that I converted half of it for our homeschooling and the other half their play area =D When creating your homeschool space also keep in mind where you will be (your space)...luckily I have my office right where I am taking this picture looking right into the room.

One thing that is important for your space is to have the least distractions as possible so I do not have a tv or game system in our area upstairs. My boys get 1 hour of game time and that is done downstairs in our living room area. 

This is our "Reading Area"

The "play area"

"Work desk area" free from clutter and computer. I feel that the computer should be on a separate table/desk and I have not set that up yet. I think this will also be downstairs in our common area so I can keep an eye on them on-line lol! 

Here you can see the "Alpha border" that I displayed around the room

Here is their little store area and you will find that some of their toys you can incorporate into your learning curriculum. We will be learning about money and this will be a fun and creative activity to use the cash register and store for this.

Here is my office area where  I will be

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