Friday, August 12, 2011

Workbooks for workbox system and more....Target 1.00 each!!

I tell you Target has had the coolest stuff to buy for homeschooling this year! I had a blast there yesterday...not only finding those tot trays to use but I found these really cool workbooks. I found a lot of free printables on-line which is a HUGE plus...however paper and ink are being used up like crazy on my printer. Sooo these workbooks had all kinds of the same worksheets I found on-line and each book was only 1.00!! Can't beat that! I plan to do a curriculum of a "letter, shape, color, verse and theme around them" each week. Target had these workbooks in themes such as "All about space" or "Dinosaur worksheets" and also some workbooks on "Fire safety" and "stranger safety" so these are going to work out great!!

Another set of "I had to have these" in their 1.00 section...on the far upper left of this picture is a wooden calendar set with apple numbers and crayons with months on them...thought this would be a really cool sequencing puzzle thing they could do. Then there are the Upper and Lowercase puzzle match ups as well as a number match up puzzle. A foam clock that I posted to our wall next to our calendar, a mini alphabet stamp set and flash cards on Country's flags. I purchased this because I plan to have a theme each month of a country and we will learn everything about that particular country and then at the end of the month I will decorate our kitchen table in that Country's theme and will cook a dinner in that theme as well =D 

Lastly I wanted to show you the other cool 1.00 items they had. Far upper left is a fold out wall display of your daily can use your dry erase pens and wipe it off =D  Next...a Teacher's pointer stick that has a cute wooden pencil gadget at the cute is that? Then a puzzle in an ocean theme and one in colors/caterpillar theme that I will have them do during "Letter C week". Then there are 3 wipe off placemats that you use your dry erase pens for...I got these for my 1st grader. There is one for time, one for addition and one for subtraction. =D  

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